Blue, Texas, Land


Property: 1014 N County Rd E, Lexington, TX 78947
(Beautiful 10 acres with electric pole and water meter on property)

Owner Finance is an option here also, but would need to clear at least 151 to pay off current loan.

Currently being subdivided into two, 5 acre lots:
Front corner 5 acres (Price $199K)
Back 5 acres (Price $133K)
…or can stop the subdivide process to leave as 10 acres (Price $310K).
Get Ag exempt for even lower taxes on 10 acres or more
Very light restrictions, from manufactured homes to million dollar mansions

  • New Bluebonnet Electric pole and light on property (Aug 2022)
  • Aqua water meter with current plumbing to 5 different locations on property
  • About 500+ linear feet of New Designer fence (Aug 2022)
  • 3 Gates, 2 entrances(1 new double gate on E, 1 gate on C)
  • Small shed, picnic table with roof cover, about a 17 foot by 12 foot stage/base
  • Land is nicely cleared for buildings and mowing.
  • Lots of large healthy trees
  • BACK 5 ACRES DETAILS ( I plan on keeping this one, or I can sell it)
  • Aqua water lines on road, no meter yet, feasibility period almost done, New water meter estimate cost of 7K-10K.
  • Can make a Private Water Well done by Reliant Drilling, already approved through email by Lost Pines Groundwater (can provide copy of email). New Well Estimated cost of 21K-26K
  • Blue Bonnet Electric lines on road. No problem getting electricity. Estimate 7K-12K
  • No Driveway yet, cost around $500-$1000(covert and road base) off CR C; then cost of how long driveway and what type of material you use.
  • Dry Creek Bed runs across back length of property, not an official creek, nor a watershed, just cool rolling hills and dry creek bed.
  • Lots of healthy large trees
  • Partially cleared , easy to walk all around.

Property is located 50 minutes from Austin TX, 18 minutes from Elgin TX, 30 minutes from Taylor TX, and 13 minutes from Lexington TX.

See google map of property: (The google map satellite pics are older, see pics below):

~This area is absolutely beautiful and spacious. Properties here tend to be 5-10 acres or bigger.

There is an inventory shortage of affordable land to make homestead in this area. People are looking for this location and land with utilities already in place.

This is County Road C, leading up to the 10 acre corner lot. Beautifully maintained road..
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